Sorry that it has come to this as we like to have our website full of positive things! We do not like drama and want every part of your adoption process to be pleasant. However.. I have been slandered far worse then one could imagine.. IF YOU HAVE READ THE NASTY THINGS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT US.. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING EMAILS.. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

UPDATE! Randolph Pierce has his buddy Steve contact me via Email.. They want me to take down any information on my site regarding the transaction.. as Randolph agreed he would remove ALL has reviews online against me if i 1) got his vet record to him by his deadline (which I did) and 2) that I remove any of my posts that I made (to defend myself). I removed all my posts I had made on craiglsist.. as did he.. He still has things about me on two other sites.. he says he can not remove of coarse he expects me to remove the emails and such I have posted on my website.. while his remains on the interenet. THERE NEW ATtack.. sAYING i LEFT OUT 3-4 EMAILS.. BETWEEN US.. So i ask his Buddy Steve to please tell me which ones.. as the only thing I did not post are emails that he sent BEFORE he came to buy the puppy.  He says I left out the email stating I said "I cant make everyone happy" I am thinking he is referring to the email I sent stating

" I guess some people are impossible to please regardless to what someone tries to do" 



On Jul 28, 2013, at 7:40 PM, wrote:

> Kim,
  > I looked through the paperwork for Alice and there's no record o date of birth and also no vet records and dates of shots and what were they. Also no record of what each parent was or is. Every puppy I've purchased from a breeder had all of this information. During the shots there also should be a check list showing that the puppy is healthy,.....such as hips, eyes, spine,,,,etc
> I don't know if you forgot,....but I will need these things satisfy the purchase. If not, I don't know I even have a goldendoodle.  Also, I didn't notice that alice had no tail. That's a big concern. I was in a hurry due to my granddaughter wandering around and forgot to ask and collect these essential items.
> If not, I will have no option other then bring her back as any decent breeder supplies these items. I will need to pick these items up within 1-2 days or like I said,... You would be selling me a dog that has no history, vet records, shots and or breed.
> Thank you,
> Randy


On Jul 28, 2013 at 8:05 PM, wrote:

I'm sorry I had an entire list of things I've been doing with her shedule, her vet record, and health guarantee.. Did you not get any of the paperwork? did I not have you sign anything?
I will look on my kitchen counter when I get home and check.. Because the health record has her shots and worming, her health guarantee has everything I cover for her health genetically, and the care sheet has feeding info, care info such as grooming, etc..
Both the health record and health guarantee has her birthday also.
So you didn't get any paper work from me?

Oh also her tail is docked.

On my website it explains different tail lengths of doodles.


Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 28, 2012 at 8:38 PM wrote:

I have no idea what docked is and all of your other pictures of other puppies had tails,....alice's picture was taken so you couldn't see her behind. But, nope, just the generic page and a half. The sales price and the date I have to have her check by a vet. I just noticed that....That leaves me 3 days and theres no guarantee that I can even get an appointment to have Alice check. I was in a hurry, but basically your giving me a 3 day guarantee if I cant get her to a vet within 3 days. ? oH,..I guess its hand written the date of birth,....but not a name and a date that Alice was checked out by a vet. Which will have to be on a vets personal letterhead or a vet. receipt that also will show the dogs birth date. Also I should have like every breeder supplies the parents information and what they are and their health. 

I didnt get what kind of food she was on and even left you a message 15 minutes after I left asking due to stopping at a pet store and no reply. The biggest red flag is your 3 day guarantee if not to a vet within 3 days, which there's a very very good chance that would be impossible. Our vet is usually a week or two for an appointment. Used car salesman are not even like that.

Ill talk it over with Angie, my wife,,,but something smells wrong and I've bought several dogs from good breeders and usually had a folder of abundance of updated and thorough information on the animal and his or hers parents history, the actual vet papers showing the date of birth....etc . At this point, I would just rather return her, get my money back  and you can easily find a home for her within a few days with no damage on your side. With what I was supplied with a sheet and a half of paper that you typed off on your computer.....

 Let me know when we can swing by. Too many red flags as I shouldnt of had to ask for information that should of been included and the 3 day thing guarentee is outrageous.


Randy and Angie Pierce


On Jul 28, 2012 at 8:46 PM wrote:

Holy crap.....this is a common practice that you take. Several people unhappyand same complaints. Thats just the reported ones.

It appears that you probably dont breed, but rather flip dogs. Since the first time I contacted you about a month ago, 4 more dogs came available, they cant be all from you studding your dogs out, which were not to be seen. Best you take advantage of someone else as I wil not let this happen.



Randy and Angie Pierce

On Jul 28, 2012 at 8:47 PM wrote:

Tomorrow Alice will be returned, what's a good time ?

On Jul 28, 2012 at 8:58 PM wrote:

Even if we kepted her and I wanted to board her next week if we went out of town for the weekend, they wouldnt let me as I have no proof of her first shots or check up.

Ive never seen a goldendoodle with no tail, I surely didnt notice as well and my wife was in shock. You surely didnt mention it as it very odd and I was so preoccupied with my granddaughter and your kids I assume it was like 99.9 pct of other doodles.

I hate being taken advantage of. Sickening, least you will be able to sell her to someone else easily.

On Jul 28, 2012 at 9:53 PM wrote:

i suggest you respond to your shady dealing and give us a time we can get our refund. If not I will just show up.

 On Jul 28, at 9:54 PM wrote:


Ok seriously not sure what is wrong! You send me a message I respond and told you if I had not given you the shot record and health guarantee i would get that to you. 

Then I receive 5 messages in an hour time frame and you come back with "you better respond to my shady dealing" like I was avoiding you or something.. 

Really!! Do you think people have nothing more important in life to sit and watch for emails every second? You are completely attacking me for nothing! 

I did nothing shady or wrong to you. I am not a shady person nor do I do shady business. 

You came to my home came inside spent time talking with me played with the puppies.. You made the made a choice to adopt a puppy.. You sent me a message last night via facebook saying you love her and she was laying with your labradoodle already.

I am not sure if this is buyers remorse or what is going on on your end.. However I have been nothing but accommodating to you. I would have rather spent the rest of the evening with my children but you were very eager to come right away..usually people will set a time up in advance.

What I call a shady breeder is one that lies and pushes puppies on people trying to get them to come right away or pushing one puppy over another.. Not allowing you in their home... Dirty thin puppies.. Not wanting to have you to their home by offering to meet somewhere.. Ignoring emails.. Etc.. I do not deserve this form of treatment. If you did not want the puppy.. If you did not feel the puppy was healthy... If you had any concerns at all .. You did not have to purchase the puppy! You say you were distracted due to your grandchild.. However you were at my home prior to them arriving and was able to view the puppies without distractions.

I did not rush you and did not say or do anything that would be misleading. I told you one was younger and a little shy and the other was more outgoing because she was a little older. I said the younger one is very friendly and takes a couple minutes to warm up and within a few minutes she started wagging her tail and interacting with you son in law. 

I said they both have had some potty training and that we have them on a schedule with feeding to help the potty training process. In what way did I act shady? In what way did I mislead you? In what way did I do anything that was not upfront and open? Dishonest? Take advantage of? Ect?


Please Do not show up to my home unannounced.I'm uncertain of you as they way you have come at me with these emails after I've done nothing to you and your puppy is perfectly fine. 

My families safety is my top priority!


On Jul 28, at 9:54 PM wrote:


Ok to start we do not do a 3 day guarantee. We put the next shot date on there and hers is due sooner. Most of my puppies leave at 8 weeks right after first shots which gives a month to get tithe vet. I did not intentional give you 3 days. 

I guarantee all my puppies of anything genetic that could cause poor quality of life or death.

I gave you the vet record that was provided to me.. And it is also what I get from my vet.

A good 35% of my puppies have docked tails due to request. Some are picturesque on my site.. 

It also reads on my site that doodles have 3 lengths of tails. Teddy bear, 3/4 and full.

I studded out my male which I disclosed that to you and do not own the mother.

I provided you with the same things I have got when I have purchased puppies from other breeders and have spent double the amount I sell my puppies for.

I did not lower to you, deceive you, mislead you in any way.. Nor did I push a puppy on you.

I answered ever question you asked I did not rush you.. I did not sway you in any direction on which puppy to choose. I did not pressure you to come get a puppy and even let you come with little notice to accommodate you even though I already had someone coming and needed to tend to my children. I did not see any message from you asking about puppy food however I did tell you what she was eating and said you could slowly switch if you chose to.

I have been breeding goldendoodles for 12 years and of coarse like any business or practice no one has 100% positive feed back.. However I strive to breed healthy puppies with good temperaments. We have multiple repeat buyers and tons of customers that refer us do to how happy they are. 

I don't understand you hostility towards me as I have taken the time to talk with you multiple times and even took time away from my children on our trip to the zoo to talk with you when you wanted to come the first time. 

I guess some people are impossible to please regardless to what someone tries to do.

I got right back with you this evening again as I was away with my family at a dinner with our church. I got done with dinner and now get all these messages from you not even givong me a chance to respond. 

There is nothing wrong with your puppy and I will gladly extend her health guarantee. I have not been to my home yet.. But if I gave you the other paperwork I'm sure her shot record was with it.. If not I will gladly give it to you.

Thank you


On Jul 29, 2013, at 11:21 AM, wrote:

Thats all BS..... but I have that page I signed and this was not from a vet. PERIOD. Your early message said you must of forgot to give it to me. That 1 1/2 page paper from your computer doesnt have what vet gave the shots or the name. I need the actually shot records from the vet. In all those complaints you promised the same thing and just kept telling them you would get them and went into a sad story. I dont give a shit that you talked with me at the zoo or one of the many of other complaints against you that you were 30 weeks pregnant and had a sad story. Bottom line, YOUR A LIAR AND A CON  and the VET didnt provide this unprofessional goldendaydoodles generic page you printed from you computer. 

When someone finds out your full of shit and they got scammed you seem to ignore them as all the complaints stated. After you take their money that is, but before you anxious to pawn them off on people.

Your not to bright as well, its basically a 3 day guarantee due to the fact that your giving me 3 days to attempt to get the dog to the vet to have her checked out or the contract is void. Which is a 3 day guarantee.

So, I suggest since the puppy supportively had shots from the vet which you indicated I need proof from the vets paperwork and this is not it. I have no problem in taking you to court as your email stating that the vet gave you this unprofessional contract is laughable and transparent. Logic and common sense tells everyone this and the vet would sign his paperwork.

Your also told me orig. you got another dog from studding your dog your telling me that you buy dogs and resale them for more.....thats called dog flipping.

Obviously your a liar and cant produce anything as this dog has not been vet checked, so if I have to I will personal stop over today and shove this dog up your ass. Your lies and deceit, some might just say okay, whatever...not me as without the parents known, not vet checked, your the shady ness of your so called breeding/dog flipping I most likely have a mutt thats worth 300.00.

If you dont take it back I will also post daily on every blog / review/ complaint/ BBB / Craigslist telling everyone on your scam and a warning to all customers. Your excuses covering up your failure as a breeders dug your grave even deeper...." the vet gave me this".....too funny.

Let me know when I can drop her off as you have no proof to supply me on the shots from the vet. You would be happy to suppy me with such paperwork if I dont have it.....WTF are you stupid,,,, you know it and also I know it as well as I got that page and a half that you printed off your computer only and ALSO I mentioned it to you in yesteredays messages. Your saying that to postpone and hopefully I go away, but Im not. Your can take this mutt back, thats basically based on the paperwork you gave me.

You need to learn to get your stories straight before you say one thing and change your stories to something completely different. 




On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:18 PM wrote:

You are crazy! I don't flip dogs! I was referring to my personal dogs I have purchased for y breeding program that I get the same amount of information! They are not resold! Why would I pay more and sell for less? Really you have issues!

I never said my printed guarantee is a vet record!! Which if you read what I wrote it says I have a Healy guarantee, health record, and care instructions!

Can you not read?

You can slander me all you want and I will take you to court!

I have not wronged you in any way! Say what you want! I have promptly responded to each and everyone of your emails. Have not avoided you.. Etc.. I'm not giving you a sob story! 

Your the one who bought a perfectly healthy puppy! 

Take me to court! For what? That your having buyers remorse? 

I gave you a health record as it is not here.. If you lost it I will gladly request a new copy and send it to you! The puppy did not see my vet as I do not own her mother! Again which I TOLD YOU!

Threatening to shove a dog up my ass is not taken lightly and if you come to my home I will call the police! I have a sheriff that lives three doors down and have already contacted him.

You signed a contract! I do not take back puppies because your having a little fit for what reason I dot know.. CLEARLY you have no concept of what you read!

You accuse me of flipping dogs by misreading what I was telling you what I get with my dogs I have purchased.. You state I am saying my health guarantee is a health record which clearly I did not say and have stated that in multiple emails..people like you why people have contracts that also protect the seller.. You do not have any legit reason to why you do not want this puppy and to why you are personally attacking me!

She is healthy.. She has had her first vaccine and working which I will gladly re give you of you do not have it.. I guarantee her health... Etc.

Again DO NOT COME TO MY HOME! You have no right on my property! I have ADT with cameras and any trespassing will be reported. Do not threaten me or my family!

Provide you address and I will send you a copy of her shot and worming record.

If your puppy has anything wrong that falls within my guarantee I will gladly take her back! If not you have no reason to contact me! If you feel the need to take me to court .. Do so! I will gladly show up with the agreement YOU signed! 

No one forced you to buy this puppy! I DO NOT push puppies! I didn't even want to have you over as it was so last minute but insisted and even want to drive out to my area and wait! This was not my suggestion but yours!!!

I'm sorry you can not clearly understand what you read!!! 

Calling me a flipper over me stating dogs I have purchased for more then what I sell mine for have you the idea I buy and sell for more! Really sir you have either a rotten sole and are grabbing at any strings to try and yell at me for no reason! Regardless!! Re read me emails! Nothing says I resell my dogs ( just stated I didn't get anything more then you did from me as I have when I have purchased my dogs for more then what you paid)

 I did not say my guarantee is a health record/vet record.. I did not say I only give people a three day guarantee..  It just turned out that is when her next vet/shots were due and I said I would gladly extend it! I give to the date next shots are do do that people will take their puppy to the vet for further vaccines as some people do not continue with vaccines. How in any way have I lied to you? 

How do I need to get my facts straight? Maybe you should learn to understand what have read and you wouldn't feel so hostile. 

So send your address.. You will get your health record! 


On Jul 29, 2013, wrote:

Yep your full of shit lady.....and i dont give a damm about camera's.....what will that do for you. ? lmao Your a dog flipper and I have emails from you stating that the vet gave you the 1 1/2 pages of what you gave me. I didnt loose it as all the other complaints you dont get shots. You are in the business of ripping people off or counting on dealing with naive people such as yourself. Insults....I call it like I see it.

Thats not asking for much, is get what I paid told me via personal and in your emails that she had her first shots and the worming thing. You didnt provide me with it and if you dont...I will shove this dog up your ass ....via in person, court or thorugh your dumb ass husband that allows a person to be a horrible breeder, but also a dishonest, starving one at that based on the appearance of your home.

If I dont receive a real copy from a real vet set to P.O Box 128 Greenville, Michigan by the end of this week, I will do whats necessary to get my refund back for you not giving me what I paid for. 

Your a typical scammer and a dog turner because yesterdays message to you clearly stated that I received only the contract which was a print off your computer, generic with only had written price and date of birth. THEN YOUR MESSAGE BACK SAID THAT'S WHAT THE VET GAVE YOU. Your mind does catch your cover up stories quick enough. If you had given me the vet records, you would of said there was more then the 1 1/2 pages. But now your claiming you gave me more. Nope I didnt loose it, JUST LIKE THE SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT TOLD THE TRUTH AND SAID THE SAME THING ON THE BREEDERS COMPLAINT BOARD.

YEP...buyers remorse...for not getting what was paid records and dates of shots, from a vets real paperwork....not dates scratched in or your typing them up will not be any good. No problem with taking you to court if you cant supply them. If not court will be fun and rewarding due to you not supply records which you stated you were going to do. I willing doubt you have them as yesterday you claimed the 1 1/2 page contract was all that the vet gave you. (check your email fat ass)

Make things up as you go out little bitch....if you would of handed me the vet records we wouldnt be talking know but your cover up is worse then your incompetent navie self.

Dog flipper....1 month ago you had  one last dog then you sold her. , Then you came into 4 more without breeding any, I know one you claimed as payment for studing one of your so called dogs out that I doubt is there. The others dog flipping. So disorganized.....the other 15 at least or more dogs I have purchased throughout my life all had a nice packet, went through the packet with the breeder if they didnt ship the dog. You had me a printed  1 1/2 page with a 3 day guarantee on it. Thats true and dont care if its in conjunction with the so called shots, it states the health guarantee is null and void if I dont have a vet see her. Plain and simple, your reasoning doesnt concern me, but your so called contract put me in a situation where LEGALLY if I missed that date,...I would be screwed.  If your to dumb to realize how the contract didnt protect me then you need help lady, or should I say kid.

Make sure the so called health record is not one you typed up, it has to be from a real vet and with his signature and I will be 

verifying it by checking it out visiting that same vet. 

Just get me my fucking vet shot records (real) from the vet that supposively gave them the shots and check her out. Also 

the legal vet papers should  also indicate the breed as the paperwork you gave me I could have a mutt or a unknow breed.

I will not slander you, I will be obessed with adverstising by telling the god honest truth, which is a joke on your website stating your a christian family. Along with 200 finishes on agility....with one of your the false advertising....... 


PO box 128

Greenville, Michigan 48838

or I do what it takes to get my refund. 

As a business owner of 20 years and over 120 people working for me within 6 states and Ive dealt with contracts with customers and never been screwed or see such a on going cover up of lies. Read your change your story. Good luck.....youll need it.

On Jul 29, 2013, at 11:47 AM, wrote:

This is laughable. Your didnt read my message,,,,yes my granddaughter was being distracting, but it was with your two kids that distracted her,,,,so you ignore the truth. I have no idea by looking at a dog or anyone would without vet papers that would show first shots and checked for said your glad to get them to me, (vet papers)  but then when you were told yesterday by me in many messages that all i got was this silly  unprofessional contract that was a page and a half and no vet records on them. You then told me thats what the vet gave you. You need to produce an actually receipt / records from a actual vet for this transaction to remain.

Yes your a shady person and  a con artist of a breeder. Ive never had a problem with a breeder as they supplied more then adequate information and records.

Buyers remorse......yes buying a product I didnt receipt....NO VET  RECORDS,....i DONT NEED YOU TO TYPE OR WRITE SOME DATES DOWN, i NEED PROOF FROM THE ACTUAL VET. I have been to vets so many times with check ups and boarding shots and such, and I know what they supply you with with update shots and in good health.

Shady is also giving someone 3 days to have a vet check her out or its null and void......thats called someone scared by flipping dogs and dont believe in their product or dogs. Thats laughable and cant wait to having that on several sites with your name and breeding company.

I will show up and get a refund for my dog as you dont have proof of any vet seeing my dog. " thats all the vet gave me" I still cant stop laughing about that. The page and a half where you have your phone number and website scribbled at the top. I hate liars.

Oh, also as a good breeder, on rating them your suppose to be able to meet the dogs parents as well and as far as visiting them in your home,...well it was barely safe for a child with all the clutter and also when you went down to answer the door, I had to stop your baby from crawling down the stairs......shows me your character and how you treat things, dogs and people.

When I or someone gets cheated and conned, then to say people should have better things to do with their time....well, Im not going to be stolen from and I will have the time and resources to even advertise on your Crappy shady so call dog flipping / so called breeding company. You obvously attempt to do this for only the few bucks you con from people as your it not for the love of dogs. 


On Jul 29, at 12:26 PM wrote:

Oh please! Now you try to say my children distracted your 18 month old granddaughter? You have a real good way of picking out a puppy!! Let's let an 18 month old baby decide! Really who does that? 

And as far as my baby! Sorry that I had a disorganized visit that you pushed on me! You show up then have others show up! I have a baby gate and had to get the door a second time because you were to impatient to actually set up a time to come! This is my fault??

Sent from my iPhone

 On Jul 29, 2013, wrote

Your navie and dumber then a I thought. A rock has more common sense then you. I picked the puppy out, but your brats distracted my daughter so I was preoccupied on trying to make sure my granddaughter didnt get hurt with all of the junk in your living room. So "I" did have much time to myself. Boy talk about a box of rocks your are. Read my email.....I said which was true...your kids distracted my granddaughter"......duh....not for her to pick one out but it took away my time. HELL lady I saved your child from falling down the stairs. She was 3 feet away and you were just opening the door to let the others in. 


I see exactly why your at where you are now......your a starving breeder thats needs every cent to feed your brats....I feel sorry for you.


Friday is the deadline. Maybe your children that you were not watching took the so called vet shot records....rolmfao....wouldnt surprise me the way you allow you little one to almost fall down the stairs. My daughter couldnt believe it being a nurse and taking care of young patients.


LMAO....still laughing at you even thinking i was going to let a 18 month old pick out a puppy. Oh by the way, she was walking at 9 months.


As a business owner of 20 years and over 120 people working for me within 6 states and Ive dealt with contracts with customers and never been screwed or see such a on going cover up of lies. Read your change your story. Good luck.....youll need it.


Your blocked from sending me anymore lies and stories. So we will see on friday on how you dig your way out you fucking scam artist. !!