Some of our HAPPY families with our doodles

Kim                                                                                                                                        Aug. 2, 2013

I was just baffled by the email slandering I just read. I visit your website every so often to see what new, cute puppies you have available. We bought a little girl from you in June 2012 - and she is the best purchase we have ever made (quote from my husband). She has brought us so much joy and continues to on a daily basis. I check out your website because I would love to get another one - but our little "Cabby" is such a big part of our lives - we wouldn't know if we could split our attention to another one.
She is so incredibly smart and loving. We are recently married with no children - so she is our little baby. She really is perfect.

I am writing because I am so disappointed in this email from this man. Our experience with you was wonderful - and we couldn't imagine our life without her. We will get another / or our next dog from you. I just wanted to let you know something positive in all of this negativity.

Hope it works itself out.

My husband is just as appalled as I am.  Buying a puppy from you was the easiest process ... She is absolutely perfect ...

I hope he stops ... We actually found out about you through some friends of ours who also bought a puppy from you.  He is a great dog as well. 

If you need anything else, let us know.  We couldn't imagine out lives without her.

Stefanie, Jim and Cabby



Hi Kim,                                                                                                                                    july 31 2013

I just read your post on your site about the idiot that is slandering you regarding the purchase of a puppy.  I purchased a puppy on May 31, 2013, and I just want to assure you that I will forever be grateful for finding you and the puppy I now have.  She is the BEST puppy I have EVER owned!  My vet was very thorough at her first exam, in fact I took her straight to the vet the day I purchased her.  He said she was in FANTASTIC health, and one of the nicest puppies he had encountered.  As we made our subsequent visits for booster shots and whatnot, he was extremely impressed with her intelligence and the things she could do (sit, shake, down and stay) which made conducting the exams so much easier!  Today, she was there for her first grooming and the groomer said she was the best first time puppy she had ever groomed.  She also saw Jinx' playful puppy side, in fact her exact words were that she was very good, but also could see she was very fiesty when need be.  Everyone I have introduced to her has fallen head over heels, and I have referred many to your site.  She has gone to work with me many times and people never fail to ask me when she is coming back!  When I was searching for the right puppy for me, I also looked at other breeders sites, and I must say, you charge far less than I have seen elsewhere.  I agree, there is no way you could be flipping these puppies for what you charge. I think I got an extremely good deal--definitely the better end of the deal!

Please feel free to put this testimonial on your site if you wish, I wish I could do more to refute this IDIOT!  Please don't let him get to you!!!  Also, I was very impressed at how nice your puppies were despite the fact that you have young children you are raising.  It is very obvious that these are healthy well-socialized puppies.  Keep up the good work! 

Diane Kiessel ( and Jinx)



**This is a collection of updates from the Foster family**Watch Toby Grow**

Toby is getting along with his new siblings.


Toby is getting bigger.  His legs have especially gotten longer.  He no longer needs to be lifted up onto any of the beds or furniture.  He is quick a learner.  He has had his first grooming.  He is learning quickly from Myles and Brandi.  Here are a few recent pictures that Jenny took of Toby with his brother and sister. 11.1 pounds 12/5/11
 Toby turned 6 months old on 1/29/12.  Here are some recent pictures.  He is 16.7 pounds now with long legs.
 Toby is almost 10 months old and weighs 20 pounds. 5/17/12
Hi Kim,
I just wanted to touch base with you.  Libby (formerly Molly), is doing well and has settled in as part of the Phillip's family.  She LOVES to play, and snuggle, and is getting bigger every day!  We are still working on the whole going to the bathroomm OUTSIDE thing...... but she is getting better.  She has some favorite toys N,amely "Bah" a stuffed sheep that she lovesto wrestle with, and is quite protective of.  She has learned to come to her name, and is getting "sit" pretty well too.  She also has a dance trick that she can do on her hind legs.  She is very bright and SOOOOO MUCH FUNNNNNN.  She had a bath today and we were taking some pics as she ran around, and thought you might want to see her...... Thank you again.
-The Phillips' Family (Mark, Kim, Molly, Ali, Kaiti, and now Libby) 4/29/12







My name is Nina. 2 years ago I bought a beautiful apricot miniature goldendoodle puppy from you who we named Charlie. Charlie is doing amazing and brings so much joy to mine and my new husbands life.
After plenty of consideration, Dan (my husband) and I have decided on the possibility of getting Charlie a puppy brother!! Naturally, i figured that the best place to start would be with you since Charlie is so wonderful and we have had an overall good experience with GoldenDay Doodles.

 Nina M   April 2012

Baby picture  and picture at 1 years old!!  28 pounds full grown








Hi Kim - My husband and I were wondering if you will have any toy doodles around this fall?  We got  Rylee from you about two years ago and decided we really want another one!  We are moving in August and want to be moved before we get another one. Here are some pictures of Rylee.  We just love her to pieces! She is seriously the most friendly dog I have ever met (and not just saying that because she is mine!).  We have not run across anyone or dog she doesn't like!  And she loves kids.  We live around a lot of they are always asking for us to bring her outside and she just loves the attention from them.

Thanks again
Colleen   March 2012                         pictures before and after hair cut!




Kim- Just a quick note to let you know Cooper is adapting well. He is a very smart pup and is already “almost” kennel trained. He loves to play outside and is trying to make friends with my moms cat. Cooper has managed to scare off the 90 lb Golden Doodle Tucker that shares the property and we find it so funny to watch Cooper chase down and scare Tucker….At any rate- Just thought I would update you. Thanks again.

Lisa from Sheboygan Wi. 

April 2012

(cooper was adopted On Mar 25th 2012)




SO Lucy turned 2 and I figured we should celebrate. There ended up being 7 dogs at the party. They all walked away with a cute new bandana and a special birthday treat. (I sent pictures of the table with cupcakes on it and you can see them). I baked and had dog themed dessert. Bone rice krispie bars, scooby snacks dipped in chocolate and paw print shaped cup cakes. The dogs had a ton of fun and then we opened lucy's gifts. She got lots of toys, a new carpet to lay on, a new pink leash, treats, and tons of other stuff. She just had a blast with her pink outfit that her grandma bought her. There was definitely a pink and black theme as well. We had a blast and the dogs thought it was great! Lucy's sister Pippa even had fun. She's in a few pictures too.    Lindsey O. April 2012                                           ( Two of our Lucky puppies live with Lindsey )


 HI Kimberly, 

We purchased Calvin (aiden) from you around Thanksgiving time. I remember you saying you rarely get pictures of your black dogs, so I thought I would send a few. We absolutely LOVE Calvin. He is the sweetest tempered dog. He follows us around, loves our 3 year old daughter- is very well behaved with her and  charms all our family and friends who come to visit.  We have attended dog school with him (mostly so WE can learn how to work with him) and he learns commands and tricks very quickly! We are so glad we bought him and have no regrets about getting him. We think he is the cutest dog ever! Enjoy the pictures! 
Thanks,  Kara P.                                                            


Hello Kimberly, I just thought I would send you a couple pictures of Oliver. He is very active and fun but also very cuddly. We absolutely love him and he is such a great addition to our family. :D Hope you are doing well. Thanks again for everything! Justin and Mandi L.            Nov 2011



  Hi Kim,
We found a great place for Riley to play while we are at work.She goes to canine college:). You can look at it on Facebook and see lots of Riley photos. She is loved by all the puppy caregivers! This is her eating two toys:). We love her soooooo much!                Oct 2011

 Kim,  Hi, wanted to let you know that "Charlie", the male puppy we purchased March 2010, recently passed his canine good citizen test.   He has been going to church with me for some time and has been great therapy for everyone, but especially one little boy.  Charlie has been a wonderful dog for us.  So many people offer to dog sit when I'm away because he is such a lover.  Thanks again for breeding such nice dogs.  Jeanette V    May 2011


Both my fiance and I are
completely in love with Sadie. She did very well on the car ride back to
Detroit-sleeping most of the way.  She seems to be adjusting very well and
 has practically potty trained herself!!!  She has had one accident since
 bringing her home and has learned to ring a bell at the back door to go outside. We
 have been busy meeting all the other dogs of my family & friends as well as in
 the neighborhood.                            MARCH 2011
Thank you again!  :)


Hi Kim

just wanted to let you know we are enjoying Bella so much. She goes to work with me every day. Everyone loves her. She will be well socialized.
Honest truth here... I put the carry crate in front of the door in the morning and she will get inside when I am getting ready. The last 4 days she goes to the door and jumps at the door when she need to go potty. Bella has only had 1 accident in the house in 4 days. SOooo smart!

      Denise         FEB. 2011



Hi Kim,
Just wanted to let you know all is going well.  She is sooooo did a great job.  Did you already teach her to fetch because she does that really well.  She is very much loved and we are having lots of fun with her.  You are right...she loves to cuddle!  I am sending some pics we have taken of her.  Will keep in touch!!  Thanks for everything!
PS - We named her "Mazy Grace".

Cindy               FEB. 2011

Hi Kim-

I know you said you wanted to see pictures of Benny when he was older so now he is 10 months old! Here are some recent pictures of him up north and in our backyard. He is an amazing dog! We are so happy and we love him so much! He is super friendly with other dogs and people and loves to cuddle! He is about 55 pounds right now- it seems like yesterday he was only 8 pounds!
Jess, Jeff & Benny
Hi Kim, I just wanted to tell you what a great dog you raised! He is amazing and so sweet. The kids are in love with him and he is so funny. This  is a picture with my daughter who can not get enough of him. So far he has gone everywhere with us! Thanks again, I will keep sending updates and pics. Nicki                                                                           May 2010


 Kim,                                                   May 2010

Thanks so much for meeting with us yesterday.  In a very short time, you have changed my kids' lives.  To put it mildly, my son (Noah) has completely bonded with our new family member and my daughter thinks that her new dog (still as of yet unnamed) is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her.
We appreciated your openness to us and how honest and forthcoming you were about your dogs.  Although we have had our little guy for only a day, my wife and I are now seeing a new and wonderful side of our children - that of taking care of another living thing.  It has been a remarkable experience to see this happen so quickly.
Thanks again for everything and we appreciate your offer to answer questions for us going forward - I am certain we will have many!
Take care, Craig W.



Whiskey is doing great=very smart puppy!  He loves to take walks, learn new tricks like "sit", "stay", "back", etc....he even loves his kennel!  From the first night with us, he didn't bark or whine at night, and has never had an accident in his kennel.  He is doing a FABULOUS job house-training, and hasn't had an accident in the house for over a week now.  Good dog!

We'll keep you updated.....

Thanks again for a wonderful addition to our family,

The Wolffs


 Hi Kim!                                   feb.28th 10
Well we have had Miley for about 6 weeks now and could not be happier!  I wanted to take a minute to thank you for her and send a few pictures your way.  We have started her in puppy pre-school (and we think she is the smartest in class :)).  She has the best temperament and quite an appetite!  She is a snuggler and enjoys taking walks everyday!  Any chance she gets to meet a new face she is overjoyed!
Thank you so much for the best pup ever

 Emily Murphy
Hi Kim!
 I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Benny into our lives! He is an amazing puppy who has become a member of our family! I just wanted to update you because I am sure you enjoy hearing about all your pups and how they are doing! He is growing like crazy and is a very curious and playful puppy who loves to run and explore our backyard. He is very smart and already knows how to sit and shake! We are working on stay... which is going to take some time! We love him very much and can't thank you enough for helping us get such an awesome dog!
 Thank you,
 Jessica, Jeff, & Benny :)

 Hi Kimmy,

 I hope all is well with you and your family, especially your new little boy.  Pooh is almost 5 months old now and we can't tell you how happy she has made us.  As you can see from the picture she loves riding in the golf cart.  She weighs about 23 pounds now. 
She also loves people.  We take walks often in Rockford and people are always stopping us to ask what kind of dog she is and telling us how happy she looks.  Thanks for letting us keep you posted.
We will write you again soon.
 Deb & Roy
Hi Kim,
Wanted to share a couple pictures of Bentley. He has adjusted quickly and our 4 year old golden doodle is loving having him at our home. We spent 3-4 days working with Chloe since she refused to look at him and then growled for 2 days at him everytime he looked at her. He wasnt afraid and continued to love her. They run and chase each other in the back yard until exhausted now.  Chloe seems so much happier having Bentley to play with.She shares all her toys with him, and we are working with Bentley on sharing. He doesnt like to share but hopefully that will change as he gets older. He started loosing his teeth this week and was neutered on Wednesday so it has been a very tough weak. He weighs 27 pounds now and is doing great.
 Thank you for breeding such a great puppy. Our vet is very impressed with how calm and cute he is. (This week not so calm with the teething. LOL but very cute)
 Thanks again


I have heard from folks at Shaggy Pines Dog Park where we go to walk/run about every other day that Dugan is prettier / more handsome and more well behaved than the other golden doodles that they have had out there—Dugan has a very pleasant and pleasing personality.  He just LOVES to be out there running free with the other dogs.  He LOVES to be in the water fetching a ball and more than anything he likes to socialize—both with people and with dogs.  When I come home from work he is spelling the words SHAGGY PINES DOG PARK.  It’s really fun for me too to see all the breeds and to get out and walk run with him.  It’s a bit expensive but worth it when you consider it’s the place I work out as well.  It’s 14 acres—4 enclosed areas where the dogs are off leash.  There is a pond and big sand pile where they can dig and hide things.  He learned to swim out there—just did it naturally.  Very cool.  Yesterday we were there and met another golden doodle (Ernie) who could have been Dugan’s twin.  He was the same age and everything.  They got him up North though—but the litter must have been born about the same time as yours was—how fun!

Anyway—can you tell I’m into Dugan?  He’s a true blessing to our family and has been a complete joy to raise—.

I just wanted you to know how he’s doing--

Blessings to you and yours







Hi Kim,
I just thought I would just send you an update on Harry.  He is a very happy go lucky puppy!  Very laid back for his age.  We have him in puppy classes and he is doing very well.  He is a very Smart! He knows sit, stay, down, will walk on a loose leash, and we are still working on come when called. That is pretty hit or miss!  He loves to lay on our feet and run through the sprinklers.  It's too funny to watch him wake up my son.  They go everywhere together! I've sent a picture of him but it really doesn't show how long his legs are, he is going to be big! We are extremely happy with him. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!