Guardian Homes

 Here at Goldendaydoodles we do not believe in raising our dogs and puppies in kennels. Also we value all of our dogs as a pet and companion. 

Guardian homes makes it possible for us to raise happy healthy quality dogs and puppies and still have them as pet/companions. A guardian home is a family that raises our adults and gives them constant love and interaction. Once the adult is bred it returns to our home to whelp and raise her puppies. After the mother has weaned her puppies we return our dog back to its guardian home. Once we retire our dogs we have them spayed or neutered and they remain with their loving guardian family for life. We feel this is the best for our dogs as it gives them the proper individual attention that ever pet deserves. It also is better for them once retired because they remain with the family they have always know instead of being placed in a new home after retirement.

We are not excepting any guardian homes at this time but we do have a waiting list for future guardians. We add new dogs as we retire our current ones. Our dogs retire around 5 to 6 years of age.