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Q- Do all goldendoodles have wavy hair?

A- NO.. goldendoodles can have many different coats from straight to very curly.

Q- Are all goldendoodles the same size?

A- NO.. standard size can range from 50 to 100 pounds..  F1 minis can range from 25 to 49 pounds and f2b mini/toys can range from 15 to 24 pounds.

Q- Do all breeders leave full length tails?

A- No..Some breeder dock standard size doodles to 1/3 length and some breeders dock mini / toy toy a teddy bear length.

Q- Do goldendoodles need a lot of exercise?

A- Each dog is different.. But they do need a daily walk! The mini and toy size do not require as much activity.

Q- Do goldendoodles shed?

A- Yes.. All living creatures with hair or fur will shed. Even people will lose hair so it can rejuvenate. Some goldendoodles can shed a lot and some will shed so little that you will never notice it. Ours shed very little and most of the time you will never notice it.

Q- Do goldendoodles make good family dogs?

A- Yes! They make wonderful family pets!! They are know to be one of the top choices for family dogs.